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Antipaxos - click for full image Discover the myth that´s hidden behind the history of every Greek island, by having your holidays in Greece combined with breathtaking boat trips.

Our fleet is ready to welcome you on board for a luxury island cruise and pleasant journey to the unique beauties of the Ionian sea.

We invite you to join our daily cruises, night cruises or mini cruises starting from Corfu, Kavos, Lefkimi and Parga.

Our destinations are the Greek traditional fishing villages of the Ionian islands and the mainland of Greece, the unspoiled paradise beaches with the crystal clear waters, impressive rocky coastlines and blue caves.

Ancient theatre - click for full image Also, for the more adventurous ones, the cruise to the fascinating and enigmatic country of Albania is on offer.

Our ships and the 36 years of experience, guarantee high quality services and comfort for you, speed and most importantly safety for an excellent cruise holiday that will surely be unforgettable.


Only 1,5 a nautical mile away from the island of Paxos is situated the island of Antipaxos. This small green covered piece of land, with olive trees and vineyards has got an area of only 5 square kilometers.

Its only one harbor is called "Agrapidia" and the villages of the island consist of low houses and vineyards. But, here in this island you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian Sea, like the exotic beach of "Paradise".

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Corfu town

Corfu town has a vast selection of shops selling traditional Greek goods, jewellery, leather, olive wood souvenirs and the famous liqueur Qum Quat that the plant had been brought from China by Marco Polo.

A precious jewel recommended for all to take home with them, memories of Corfu town. Have your cameras ready while cruising from Parga to the town of Corfu because during our sailing, on your left you will be able to see the Palace of Sissy, the Trademark of the island Pontikonisi (Mouse Island).

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Himare Albania

Himare is a village next to the port of Albania and belongs to the prefecture of Argyrokastro (Gjirokastre). It lays 32 Nautical miles away from the main port of Corfu Island, opposite the northwest island of Greece "Othoni" and opposite the southeast shores of Italy at the level of Otrando town.

This small port village is situated at the foot of the mountain "Keravnia" (Cikes) and at the estuary of a torrent, next to the Ionian Sea. Because of the position and the way that Himare was built, it took its name from the Greek word Himarros, which means torrent.

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Igoumenitsa is the capital city of Thesprotia and the third port in size in Greece. It is situated in the northwest part of mainland Epirus, opposite Corfu Island (18 nautical miles) and very close to the borders between Greece and Albania. It lies also 92 km away from Ioannina (Ioannina is the capital of Epirus).

The geographical position of it turned the city of Igoumenitsa into a very important harbor of Northwest Greece, which is connected by ships of several shipping companies with the ports of Italy, Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Otranto, the Greek ports of Corfu Island, the city of Patra and several other Ionian islands.

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The island of Ithaka is known in the whole world through the epic poet Homer, as the birthplace, the kingdom and the beloved, patria of the resourceful Odysseus who was the most popular character in the Greek Mythology.

The legend has it that the island took its name from its first settler "Ithacus", who was the son of the Olympian god of the sea Poseidon.

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Kefalonia island is the largest island in the Ionian Sea, with an area of 688,8 square kilometres and the sixth in size of all the Greek islands. It has a population of 27.000 inhabitants.

It lies opposite the Golf of Patras between Lefkada and Zakinthos islands.

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Lefkada (Lefkas) island, which it´s means (The White One) or Santa Mavra as it was called earlier is the fourth island in size of the seven Ionian Islands, with an area of 302 sq. km., a population of 20.000 inhabitants and a coastline of 117 km. The island of Lefkada is located near the north west end of Acarnania Mainland from which is separated by a channel of only 28 meters wide.

It lies 31 nautical miles north of Ithaka Island and 45 nautical miles north of Kafalonia Island.

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The town of Parga is situated in the province of mainland Epirus. Like a picture from the past, the amphitheatricly built cosmopolitan city of Parga is one of the most popular destinations of the northwest mainland of Greece.

The summers of Parga are cool with average temperature of less than 35 Celcius degrees, while the winter months are not severe, having an average temperature of around 5 Celcius degrees.

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The legend has it that Paxos Island was formed when Poseidon, god of the sea severed the south tip of Corfu island with one mighty blow of his trident and dragged it south to create an idyllic retreat for his beloved wife Amphitriti.

With an area of 25 sq km. and a population of 2500 inhabitants this green island covered, mostly of olive and cypress trees, is the smallest in the Ionian sea .

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The small port village of Plataria is situated in the northwest Greek coastline of mainland. Epirus 13 km away from the International harbor town of Igoumenitsa and 35 km away from the port city of Parga.

Opposite of Plataria lies the south tip of Corfu island, the tip of Asprokavos, separated by a narrow channel of 9 nautical miles. Plataria is build in between two tips, the tip of Agionisi (Holy island) and the tip of Hironisi (pork island).

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Saranda Albania

The port town of Agii Saranda is situated in the southeast part of the country of Albania, opposite the northeast part of Corfu's island (Greece) and 26 km close to the Greek borders. In the ancient times the name of this town was Onchesmus.

According to the famous Albanian historical writer Mr. Neritan Ceka (Minister of Interior 1997-1998) this town took its name from the Trojan Prince father "Anchises".

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The small port village of Sivota (Mourtos) is situated in the northwest coastline of mainland Epirus 22 kilometers away from the International harbor town of Igoumenitsa, 39 kilometers away from the city of Parga and opposite lies the south tip of Corfu island, the tip of Asprokavos, separated by a narrow channel of 4 nautical miles.

In front of it there are four small isles. The most beautiful of them is the isle of Bella Vraka and the isle of Saint Nicolas.

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