Sivota - The Blue Lagoon

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The small port village of Sivota is situated in the northwest coastline of mainland Epirus 22 kilometers away from the International harbor town of Igoumenitsa, 39 kilometers away from the city of Parga and opposite lies the south tip of Corfu island, the tip of Asprokavos, separated by a narrow channel of 4 nautical miles.Sivota - click for full image In front of it there are four small isles. The most beautiful of them is the isle of Bella Vraka and the isle of Saint Nicolas.

As the most coastline of mainland also the green vegetation of Sivota tries to reach the Ionian Sea, which is often separated by small sandy strips. Here in Sivota the visitor will find a lot of amazing small beaches of Zeri, Galikos Ormos, Bello Vrako, Zavia and the exotic bay of "Pishina" where a part of the famous film "Blue Lagoon" was filmed.

Sivota's coast morphologies made it the last years into an international famous place where people can windsurf all the year through.


Outside of Sivota's port at the Ionian Sea between Paxos and Antipaxos islands in the year of 432 BC the biggest naval battle of that period took place.

The naval battle between two Greek city - states - Corcyrians and Corinthian- 70 Corcyrians and 30 Corinthians triremes sunk in the sea.

The reties of the sunk triremes still today remain on the bottom of the sea. In the bay of Sivota old historical says that in the middle age Arabian pirates used to moor there to relax or hide themselves before and after there attracts to Corfu Island.

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