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10 Dec, 2020

Poseidon, Amphitrite and the lost trident!

Poseidon fell instantly in love with Amphritrites after he saw her dancing with her sisters (the Nereids).

Refusing his marriage proposal, she fled and hid at “the end of the world”.


Poseidon God of the Sea Statue

Poseidon was determined and sent his messenger Delphinus, the king of the dolphins, to locate her and to win her heart. The dolphin agreed and started a long, perilous journey to find Amphitrite. When he finally found her, he promised that if she agreed to marry Poseidon, all the energies of Poseidon would balance and tranquillity would come to all the seas. Upon hearing this Amphitrite was so moved and she married Poseidon. Poseidon rewarded Delphinus with by proclaiming him divine and immortal.

Cruises Paxos Antipaxos Dolphin

Poseidon, with Amphitrite in his arms, struck Corfu with his trident breaking of the southern tip to form Paxos. In the process, he lost his trident. This was later found by the islanders of Paxos and made it into their islands emblem.

Cruise boat Ahaya Bay blue cave

On the island of Antipaxos, Poseidon built a palace for Amphitrite which is said be at Ahaya Bay blue cave. The couple gave birth to two daughters, the Nymphs Rhode and Benthesicyme, and a son, the merman Triton, with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish.

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