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Corfu Island Highlights

Departing Port: Port of Saranda View pickup points
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Spend a day enjoying the highlights of Corfu – one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

After departing from the port of Saranda, we travel along the Albanian coast until we approach the Port of Corfu. A professional guide will pick you up from the port and introduce you to the history of the island. The day begins with a visit to the Old Town of Corfu – one of Greece’s most attractive old towns, where the influence of the great civilizations remains keenly felt. Enjoy a guided tour around the Old Town centre, including Corfu’s biggest square, Spianada (known as ‘Liston’), Saint Spiridon’s church (Spiridon is the island’s patron saint), the Royal Palace, which houses the Museum of Asian Art, and both New and Old Fortresses. You will also have free time in which to stroll around the narrow streets, admiring the Venetian influence and exploring the souvenir shops.

The next stop, just a couple of kilometers from the city centre, is Kanoni – so-named for the old cannon that stands on top of the hill. This lush green hill is the location of many luxurious hotels and local residences. The steps leading down from Kanoni will take you to Panagia Vlacherna church – a charming little 17th-century chapel containing an impressive wood-carved iconostasis, some beautiful frescoes, a magnificent red-tile roof, and a tall bell tower above the entrance gate. The hilltop in Kanoni gives an amazing view of the church of Vlacherna, the Ionian Sea, and the legendary Mouse Island – just a five-minute ride away on one of the many fishing boats that depart regularly from Vlacherna. The peninsula of Kanoni is probably the most photographed part of Corfu.

After leaving Kanoni, we drive through Garitsa Bay – the most popular access point to the Achillion Palace. Built by the Empress Elisabeth ‘Sissi’ of Austria in 1891, the palace was later owned by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Your visit will include the museum, as well the beautiful palace gardens and their spectacular views. Corfu was Elisabeth’s favorite holiday destination. She built the palace out of admiration for Greece’s language and culture, and the architecture is intended to represent an ancient Phaeacian palace, with the mythical hero, Achilles, a central theme in its design. The Imperial Gardens provide a majestic view of Corfu’s verdant hills and valleys, with the Ionian sea shimmering in the background.

When the time comes to board the ship and head back, we hope that Corfu will have won a place in your heart!

  • Coach transfer to and from the hotel and the Port of Saranda
  • Full day with a professional guide
  • Explore the Old Town of Corfu
  • Short coffee break in Kanoni (with a view of Pontikonisi island)
  • Visit to Vlacherna Monastery
  • Guided tour of Achillion Palace


(Greek Time)

09.40 Passport control at the Port of Saranda (08:40 Albanian time)
  • 09:50 Boarding and on-board check in (08:50 Albanian time)
  • 10:00 Departure from the Port of Saranda (09:00 Albanian time)
  • 10:40 Arrival at the main Port of Corfu. Passport control and coach boarding
  • 11:00 Coach journey to the Old Town of Corfu
  • 11:20 Arrival in the Old Town centre. Guided tours of Liston, Saint Spiridon Church. Free time for shopping
  • 13:30 Departure from the Old Town of Corfu
  • 13:50 Arrival in Kanoni
  • 14:50 Departure from Kanoni
  • 15:30 Arrival at Achillion Palace (Elisabeth of Austria’s palace)
  • 17:30 Departure from Achillion Palace
  • 18:15 Arrival at the Port of Corfu. Passport control, boarding
  • 18:30 Departure from the Port of Corfu
19.10 Arrival at the Port of Saranda. Disembarkation and passport control (18:10 Albanian time)

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Corfu Island Highlights

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